Case Studies

SEO case studies are rare. We like being outstanding, so we decided to let you in on a few moments we strategized and scored big wins for our clients.

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Case Study #1

Helping Local Businesses Stomp the Competition


To increase rankings in the Map section of a Google Search for California Hot Tubs Inc, in Los Angeles, CA. 


CA Hot Tubs already had two keywords on the first page of Google Map-Pack, but their competitor outranked them on other lucrative terms keyword searches. 

We identified which keywords their competitor gained the most conversions and put a strategic plan in place to surpass those efforts.


Given that the hot tub dealership market is fairly small in Los Angeles, we took advantage of competitive keyword structuring, coupled with low competition, traffic rich long tail keywords and added this structure to their site content with our OnPage Standard process.

In addition, our experts optimized their Google + Business page, Google My Business, and Local Citation Industry-Specific listings to ensure brand and business information consistency. This created a huge advantage over their targeted competitor who had multiple errors and inconsistencies in these areas.

Finally, we optimized our client’s images by replacing, compressing, and renaming the files to have local relevance to add more weight to the legitimacy of their location.


The results are exciting. Our team out-ranked the competitor in 5 keywords while maintaining top rank in the keywords we had. We also ranked in the top 3 of Google Map-Pack for almost all of the keywords.

  • Outranked targeted competitor in 5 keywords
  • Around 300 customer actions tracked per month (clicks, forms, and directions)
  • Increased monthly location sales by 52%

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Case Study #2

How we helped increase leads and reduce costs using PPC.


We started with the following statistics:

  • Cost Per Conversions– $371.24
  • Total Conversions over 3 months- 11
  • Average CTR – 0.22%
  • Average Cost Per Click – $21.03
  • Average Position – 5.2



Our team made numerous changes to optimize this paid search campaign:

  • Removed poor/non-performing words
  • Geo modification
  • Clustering of keywords
  • Restructuring of

    keyword grouping

  • Mobile device targeting
  • Added negative Keywords


The results speak for themselves.

  • Cost Per Conversions – $97.07
  • Total Conversions in 1 Month-30
  • Average CTR doubled – 0.44%
  • Average Cost Per Click – $15.03 (Cost Per Conversion Included)
  • Average Position – 4.2



In conclusion, we implemented strategic avenues and effective PPC tactics to reduce Cost of Conversion and increase Pay-Per-Click advertising. Our client was less concerned about ranking and mostly wanted to maximize their paid advertising efforts while reducing cost.


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Case Study #3

Helping a local business optimize their website for sales.


To create a landing page funnel that’s simple and gets high converting leads, while optimizing the sites overall OnPage content for SEO; as well as, implementing mobile optimization.


Our client relied on “word of mouth” as their primary marketing source. However, they began to recognize a need to expand their reach online. They already had a website, but it proved to be more of a “brochure” rather than a marketing tool.



The Web Development team designed an SEO and mobile-optimized landing page for their home page which had sales copy written by the Content Creation team based on the history of their most prominent buyer’s journey.

Also, we built strong CTA (call to action) and images that were most viewed from past pages to take advantage of the existing traffic. 

Lastly, our team fixed the navigation to make it easier for visitors to get to the product and services they were most interested in quickly and easily and we modified the page and other pages of the site to include intuitive keywords and mobile-friendliness.



They now enjoy click rates of over 130% on the home page. The leads have converted by 16.8% and their ranking in Google became #1 on prime keywords in the Google Map-Pack.


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